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Phillip Hoose is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and school presenter. He has also been featured at statewide book festivals, conferences, writing seminars, songwriting workshops for children, and musical performances.

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Kids on Phillip Hoose’s Appearances
“He’s not like most writers that come in their best outfits. He came to Walton Middle School like a regular person. We enjoyed him a lot. He told us things that I never knew existed. My friend and I could tell that he really likes his job and he is not afraid to speak his mind. He is a great speaker. We all really enjoyed him a lot and we hope he will come again.”—De’Cara, 8th Grade
“He is really great! Instead of going on and on like a textbook, he really got me into the kids from history. He even sang with us, and let us as all the questions we wanted.”  —Lauren, 6th Grade
Librarians & Educators on Phillip Hoose’s Appearances
“What a delight it was to host you–thank you for your graciousness and openness to our students’ wide variety of questions–the interaction with them was a real highlight. Our students from all different backgrounds, abilities and interest levels made a strong connection to Knud’s story [from THE BOYS THAT CHALLENGED HITLER] as told by you– it was wonderful to see so many different students embrace this inspiring story as they learned about it from the author himself. The staff truly enjoyed hearing your presentation as well and having the chance to meet you.”
—Skye Silverstein, M.Ed., Library Media Specialist, Rosa International Middle School
“Phillip Hoose showed students what can happen when you follow your passion. Students were so engaged during the school assembly you could have heard a pin drop. He made real for students that young people have a place in history. After talking with him, one student shared that he is not a writer and doesn’t like to write. He told Phillip that he has a lot of stories in his head about his hunting experiences that he is now inspired to write.”
—Debra Butterfield, Teacher-Librarian, MSAD #11, Gardiner, ME
“Thank-you for the excellent presentations—so thought provoking and real. Thanks for answering student questions so straightforwardly and calmly as well—teachers really appreciated that.”
—Nancy Keifer,  Librarian, University Child Development School, Seattle

Phillip Hoose Speaking to Teens About Claudette Colvin: