Leave the Books on the Bed

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Loving the Horn Book article,“’Leave the books on the bed’: Shaping a child’s social conscience” by Jen Mason Stott, the librarian at King Open School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Explore the book list.

“…grounding difficult conversations in shared books shows respect for a child; a grownup trusts him or her to think critically about complex moral questions.
Part of growing up is constructing opinions based on the information available — whether online, print, or word-of-mouth. As kids hurtle toward adulthood, there’s an urge to imprint on them our deepest moral beliefs — right when young people are most apt to question parental authority. Luckily, the kids I know still trust books, and this often rubs off on the people who give them books.” —Jen Mason Stott

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  1. Thank you! I JUST saw this post. Come drop by my school anytime! 🙂

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