The Fabulous Basketball
Life of Indiana

By Phillip Hoose
Published by Clerisy Press

“A knowing, respectful and caring look at heartland America.”
—The New York Times

Awards & Accolades
“Of all the books written about high school basketball in Indiana, this is the one that has lasted and will last, for good reason: None better explains the whys and wherefores˜the context, culture, and fascinating history behind the hysteria. Read it to better understand Indiana as you would read Friday Night Lights to better understand Texas, or The City Game to better understand Harlem.” —Alexander Wolff, Sports Illustrated‚ Senior Writer

“The finest book ever written on Indiana Basketball.” —The Indianapolis Star

“…transcends sports and operates as cultural history…Warm, graceful, full of the happy savor of letter jackets and cheerleaders’ sweaters.” —The Boston Globe