NYT: Pulp-fiction Tale of Juvenile Swashbuckling

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16.1 2 greyThe Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and The Churchill Club was reviewed in the 9/13/15 edition of The New York Times Book Review by fellow National Book Award-winning author M.T. Anderson.

“Heroism is not in fashion right now. We prefer our heroes smudged and compromised; it’s more comforting, less demanding…The heroism in Phillip Hoose’s “The Boys Who Challenged Hitler” reads almost like a pulp-fiction tale of juvenile swashbuckling. Two groups of teenage Danes, outraged at their government’s compliance with the demands of Denmark’s Nazi occupiers, set out to sabotage the Germans. ” —New York Times Book Review

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  1. Loved the book! a true story for the ages. Mr. Hoose, thanks for writing an inspiring work. John Huston

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