Pop-up Museum of Black History

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Image © William Camargo

A high school in Oak Park, IL created a pop-up museum for African American History Month that included Claudette Colvin.

“I teach African history, so we talk about how our history classes are white-washed and what that means and how that supports the racial hierarchy,” said Spoor-Harvey said while standing near a poster of Claudette Colvin…
OPRF student Honora Nudnik, who was in the hallway working on her laptop near the Colvin poster, said she didn’t know the woman the image depicted. She did know Rosa Parks.
“It’s really important to educate ourselves,” said Krunick. “I think the struggles and successes of these prominent figures in society shouldn’t be ignored just because of their skin color.”

—Story by Michael Romain, OakPark.com

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